Healthcare relocations

Healthcare relocations, carried out with the greatest care

Lagerberg Verhuisgroep carries out various healthcare relocations. Whether it concerns a complete hospital, a relocation of departments within a care institution or a move to an adapted home, we support the entire process.

At Lagerberg Verhuisgroep, we are well aware that in addition to moving household effects, appliances and other items, there can also be an emotional aspect to a healthcare relocation. Good planning, consideration for the surroundings and those involved, and the deployment of experienced staff contribute to a carefree move.

Lagerberg Verhuisgroep visits you to take stock of what is needed. In addition, we provide input on the planning (if required). Subsequently, an offer is made taking into account all additional facets. Think for example of moving lifts or the temporary storage of goods.

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Need help planning your healthcare move?

Nursing homes

In a nursing home, there may be several healthcare relocations:

  1. A move of the entire nursing home to a new location;
  2. A relocation of one or more departments within an existing nursing home.

We take into account that a move can be emotional or confusing for the residents. The employees of Lagerberg Verhuisgroep have an eye for this. In addition, we take into account that there are other materials to be moved, such as patient lifts.


As in nursing homes, there may be several healthcare relocations at a hospital:

  1. A move of the entire hospital to a new location;
  2. A relocation of one or more departments within an existing hospital.

A move to a new building location requires a different approach than moving a department with patients to another floor within the hospital. Lagerberg Verhuisgroep will look at the possibilities together with you and think about the least burdensome and most efficient way of moving for all concerned.

Senior citizens’ removals

A senior citizens’ move can be a big step. You relocate, possibly together, to an adapted home or care facility. This step is sometimes accompanied by strong emotions. Lagerberg Verhuisgroep understands that this can be a major step and supports you by taking care of the relocation.

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